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This leaves us with the questions:

Are the risks and side effects of the vaccine worth taking, especially if you may have to repeat the vaccine every few years?

Do you know if you have HPV already? (If you have ever had sex this is a possibility)

Some of the safety trials are still going on- yet girls are still being vaccinated with the future results not known. Does it suppress the 2 high risk strains (16 & 18) yet make the other 40 or so sexually transmitted strains more likely?

 Theoretically the HPV vaccine could even make cervical cancer more common in 20 -30 years time - we just don’t know as there has been no long term testing! Are you willing to be a research Guinea Pig?

You can read about the unwanted side effects and stories from girls and their families in the comments below on NHS choices

Official advice - DO NOT have the HPV vaccine

* If you may be pregnant  * If you are allergic to yeast * If you suffered an allergic rash after Gardasil

Additionally, please consider: